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Frontier Hotel 1942-2007

Frontier Hotel 1942-2007

"This is the end result of all the bright lights... and the comp trips, of all the champagne... and free hotel suites,
and all the broads and all the booze. It's all been arranged just for us to get your money.
That's the truth about Las Vegas. We're the only winners. The players don't stand a chance. "

-- Sam "Ace" Rothstein, Casino, 1995

Monday, July 11, 2011

Las Vegas Poll Results #2

Q: Which LV Strip hotel has the most hookers trolling around?

Congratulations to the Flamingo for being selected as the the Las Vegas hotel with the most hookers trolling around. 47% of those who voted selected the Flamingo.  Wynn came in at 22%.  I would argue that on most nights there are more hookers in the Flamingo then actual customers.  Bugsy's should be renamed The Ho Bar.

First of the all, the Flamingo is falling apart and is completely disgusting.  Caesar's Entertainment is perfectly content to run the place into ground, then they allow hookers to operate inside the place with complete impunity. 

It would be funny to see how fast Gary Loveman would be accosted if he sat down at Bugsy's for a beer.  Of course I doubt if Gary Loveman has ever set foot inside the Flamingo..


  1. We need to see pics of the hookers. lol

  2. Yes, easier said then done. Taking pics inside of casinos of people who don't want their pic taken is quite difficult. Not to mention all these casino ho's have big bad pimps minutes away waiting to deal with any problems. A run in with a LV pimp is the last thing I need to deal with...

  3. Why are the hookers so common and vulgar there? Some are very young and therefore stay out of the bar, but they all seem so vulgar and market themselves very aggressively, particularly in the elevators.

  4. And once over the Brooklyn Bridge, you're vegas back at Tropicana, and the end of this fun and interesting run.