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Frontier Hotel 1942-2007

Frontier Hotel 1942-2007

"This is the end result of all the bright lights... and the comp trips, of all the champagne... and free hotel suites,
and all the broads and all the booze. It's all been arranged just for us to get your money.
That's the truth about Las Vegas. We're the only winners. The players don't stand a chance. "

-- Sam "Ace" Rothstein, Casino, 1995

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Welcome to Aria... now bend over

I understand that Aria is supposed to be some sort of "upscale" hotel and that their prices will reflect that.  But check out the prices at the "Skybox" -- a glorified snack bar right next to the poker room.  This place is take out only.  They have no seating.  So, you just had a 8 hour plane flight to LV and you are staying at Aria.  You are hungry.  You want to get a sandwich and a beer at the "Skybox" -- well get ready to be raped.

Check out these ridiculous prices.  Again this is a snack bar...  $14 for a burger.  Come on now.  $18 for wings?  WTF?  Mac and Cheese = $11.00.  Nice screw over on parents.  Bottle water = $4.50.

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