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Frontier Hotel 1942-2007

Frontier Hotel 1942-2007

"This is the end result of all the bright lights... and the comp trips, of all the champagne... and free hotel suites,
and all the broads and all the booze. It's all been arranged just for us to get your money.
That's the truth about Las Vegas. We're the only winners. The players don't stand a chance. "

-- Sam "Ace" Rothstein, Casino, 1995

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ploppies in Action...

Photos taken at Mandalay Bay of their 6/5 single deck ploppy pit.  I think they lure in the fish with $10 min. bets.  Of course steps away one can play a $15 min. 3/2 6 deck shoe with pretty good pen.  At least there some empty seats at these tables early on a Sat. night.  Hopefully some people are finally getting a clue about what a rip off 6/5 blackjack is.

I would assume by 9:00pm these tables will be packed with plenty of suckers with their noses wide open.

These two guys really wanted some abuse.  They were at a 6/5 table with a CSM and it is obviously not a tit pit.   Turn down the lights, turn up the music, and get out the duct tape...

If you don't know what a ploppy is, see this post:


  1. Those two blonds are probably there to be seen and don't much care if its 6:5 or 3:2. Does that make them "ploppies" or simply young ladies with a different type of penetration on their minds?

  2. These casino execs don't get it, most people catch on but it may take them a while, that 6/5 is a terrible deal. It's my thesis that in this environment you need to offer better odds not worse. People can gamble pretty much anywhere now, you've got to give the customers value. There was an article in the NYT last Sunday talking about how Reno is hurting now (and probably the same applies to Las Vegas) because more people were staying in California to gamble and not making the trek to Las Vegas because it was more convenient to stay home. Agree with you 100% regarding your points pertaining to 6/5, CSM, etc. Keep up the great work you do on this blog.

  3. Thanks for the compliment on the blog.

    What is interesting about Mandalay Bay is the how the property is really isolated from LV Strip and Strip foot traffic. MB is really on an island out there on it's own -- compared to the rest of the LV Strip. Yet, they still persist in offering rip off games and high table minimums.

    I saw $69 a night at the MB recently. How far the mighty have fallen... I remember when that place was $149 min. Maybe if they ran the place like a real casino instead of a ploppy joint and an Asian whale bootlicking operation, they would have some more biz in the joint...

    Have a nice weekend. JH

  4. They seem to be hurting a bit: lots of "twofers" on the buffets and other discounts, not just lowered room rates.

    The trouble with this 6:5 is that probably very few players even know about it and those who have heard about it really don't care. I bet someone would even argue with you about 6:5 being better than merely having 3:2.

    Imagine the marquee: Now offering Double Zero Roulette!

  5. Flea:

    I fielded an abusive email from a reader a few weeks ago about 6/5 BJ. His premise was this: "I come to LV a few times a year to let loose and have fun. I love the 6/5 tit pits. I don't care if I lose. I get free drinks, have fun, and get to check out hot chicks. The 6/5 is worth it... Part of the price of admission."

    There you have it... I really have no response.

  6. "Those two blonds are probably there to be seen and don't much care if its 6:5 or 3:2. Does that make them "ploppies" or simply young ladies with a different type of penetration on their minds?"

    Maybe "double penetration" is on their minds...?" Or splitting their aces"

  7. When it comes to necklines: Its a casino, not a convent!

    When it comes to Blackjack: Some feel that it should be a casino, not a strip club and therefore should offer 3:2 irrespective of whatever else the casino decides to put on display.
    Others really do feel that it is a Strip Club with cheaper drink and admission charges than other Strip Clubs so they are willing to play 6:5 and 1:1 and have a Dollar Game with a half-naked dealer whose next rotation will be the pole.

  8. I fully understand that some men enjoy the scenery enough to put up with 6:5 and 1:1 payouts. Its sort of a psychological and financial merger of strip clubs and casinos the the Gaming Commission would never tolerate formally.

    I've no objection to a lovely young lady. Most blackjack dealers are female. Its just that I want a casino, not a strip club. So I will forego any sort of Tit Pit except when social conditions require it, just as I avoid slot machines except when social obligations require me to play slot machines.

    I've played 6:5 and not realized it a few times but if I am insufficiently caffeinated or excessively intoxicated that is my fault. I've seen the large print "hit soft 17" only after I've been playing there for awhile, thats my fault. Normally, I do not play 6:5. A pole is not that important to me.

    If I wanted a strip club, I would go to a strip club. If I wanted a clip joint, I would go to a clip joint.

  9. I thought that most of the roulette in Las Vegas WAS double zero. Instead of "triple zero roulette", they have the Bally video roulette machines for a quarter that pay 30:1 for a single number that are even worse. You'd have to work up to septuple zero roulette to have as heavy a house advantage as video roulette.

    A friend of mine loves those machines. I told her that she'd be better off going somewhere to play for fifty cents a spin (somewhere on Flamingo offered it for happy hour in March) that has double zero roulette or if she HAS to play them, to take the even money or 2:1 propositions.

  10. Ripley... sometimes there is simply no arguing with a gambler's preferences. If they enjoy one thing, telling them something else is a better deal won't change their minds. Particularly if they are female gamblers! Then its simply no use.
    If they like Keno, they are going to play Keno!

  11. If Harrah's could get away with it, they would have triple zero roulette! Plus charge each car $3 for valet parking...

  12. Concerning the two young lovlies at that 6:5 CSM table: they each have two bottles in front of them, so perhaps they are interested in getting drunk. I sure hope so.

    Triple zero roulette? Yeah, Harrahs would go for that for sure, but remember a few weeks later they would mail you a flyer for a free room.