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Frontier Hotel 1942-2007

Frontier Hotel 1942-2007

"This is the end result of all the bright lights... and the comp trips, of all the champagne... and free hotel suites,
and all the broads and all the booze. It's all been arranged just for us to get your money.
That's the truth about Las Vegas. We're the only winners. The players don't stand a chance. "

-- Sam "Ace" Rothstein, Casino, 1995

Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Perks for Jerks"

This post will take some amount of writing to set it up.  I apologize..

If you have read my blog before you know I get free bets through the mail from local casinos.  Some are a complete waste of time -- like a $5 free table games bets at Silverton (which I throw in the trash).  Like I am going to drive all the way over to the Silverton to play a $5 bet.  Come on now.  However, some of the free play bets are very lucrative.  In fact, over the past 6 months+  I have taken the free bets and turned them into a total profit of $1520 from blackjack, video poker, and poker winnings. My biggest score was a $50 free play about a month ago that I turned into $400 at GVR in under 3 minutes playing blackjack. 

For the past 9 months Station Casinos has been sending me various free table games ranging in the amount from $15 to $50 - based on my blackjack play.  So what I figured out is that most Station Casinos will accept free play from casino to casino.  Example:  Fiesta free bets are taken at GVR, Sunset free bets are taken at Texas, etc.  

Here's how this works:   I sit down at a blackjack table and put out my $15 free play.  I figure I am around 50/50 to win the bet.  Let's say I lose the bet but now the count is positive.  Out comes the $25 free play from another Station Casinos property.  I win the bet and the deck is still really meaty.  Then I bring out the $50 free play and cap the $25.  Now I have a $75 bet.  I hit a blackjack.  I win $75 plus $37.50.  Paint all over the table, dealer has a 20. The deck is done, time to leave.  I tip the dealer $2.50 and walk with  $110.  Nice and easy...

Of course it does not always work out like this, but since I am on a 100% free roll on house money, I only have to hit a few like this to make a nice profit.  The problem with this type of play is that some blackjack players get very annoyed at me playing one bet with a free play.  They claim it "messes up the flow of the cards" etc.  Of course this logic is complete nonsense.

About a month ago I roll into the Fiesta Henderson with one $50 free bet.  I find a double deck game and sit down and wait for the deck to finish.  Sitting at the table is one the most obnoxious and disgusting women I have ever encountered since I moved to Las Vegas.  This woman weighs in excess of 200 pounds.  She has a very obnoxious New York or New Jersey accent.  Of course she is a voracious chain smoker.  Her face looks like leather from an old suitcase you find at a garage sale.  Every other word out of her mouth is something negative.  By random chance I have played blackjack previously with her at other Station Casino properties.   On both occasions I had to leave the table because of her smoking and making no effort to direct her exhaled smoke away from the table. I suspect she plays blackjack at Station Casinos every day of the week as I see her almost every time I go to GVR, Sunset, or Fiesta.

Mind you I have never said a word to this woman nor would I ever want to.  As I am sitting waiting for the deck to finish she sees that I have a free play coupon on the table.  A look of disgust comes over her face.  Here's how the conversation transpires:

Her: "Are you just playing that coupon or are you going to buy in?"
Me:  "I was just going to play the coupon, why?"
Her:  "You know what I call a guy like you?"

Now I looked at her and I really did not know what to say.  I was trying to come up with an answer as I was slightly taken aback with her question.  So I before I can answer here's what she says:

Her:  "You are just another jerk with a perk.  That's what I call it, perks for jerks.  Guys like you get your free bets and come in play one or two hands, then leave.  You mess everything up with the flow of the deck.  Play your perk and I am going to sit out.  As soon as you leave I will have the deck shuffled."
Me:  "Did you just call me a jerk?  What's that all about?
Her:  Don't take it personally, that's what I call anyone who plays a free play without a buy in.  Perks for Jerks."

At this point I really did not even know what to say.   I knew from my encounters with this chain smoking troll that there was probably no point to argue with her.  To call a complete stranger a "jerk" for playing a free bet seemed way out of line, but I just let it go.  I thought about it more and just laughed.  What's funny is that not only did she sit out the hand, but she convinced another woman at the table to sit out the hand.  So I had to play heads up against the dealer.  I won the first bet for $50 but lost the second bet for a parlay.  Time to leave. She got her wish, since no one else was playing the deck was done and the dealer shuffled.

So, from this day forward all free bets and free play that are sent to me from LV casinos will be known as "Perks for Jerks!"

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