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Frontier Hotel 1942-2007

Frontier Hotel 1942-2007

"This is the end result of all the bright lights... and the comp trips, of all the champagne... and free hotel suites,
and all the broads and all the booze. It's all been arranged just for us to get your money.
That's the truth about Las Vegas. We're the only winners. The players don't stand a chance. "

-- Sam "Ace" Rothstein, Casino, 1995

Monday, October 18, 2010

A few more LV Strip photos...

A few more photos of the daily comedy show called the Las Vegas Strip.  Taken this past Saturday.  Posted with commentary...  Enjoy.

Here's two guys with test tube drinks, note one guy has two empty test tubes he's schelping around.  What's up with that?  They seem to be involved in a serious conversation.  Pick the statement that best fits the guy in the black shirt as he speaks to his buddy:

   A.  "Dude, I cannot afford to sustain these types of losses for the rest of the trip."
   B.  "So what if it's 6/5 blackjack, did you see how hot those dealers were at that party pit?"
   C.  "I really want to get another one of these drinks, so what if they cost $25?  I want one."
   D.  "Dude, I had to bring my girlfriend on this trip, I know she can be a bitch, just deal with it, O.K.?"

These two ladies just bought their test tube drinks, maybe they should hook up with the guys in the above photo!

This guy is triple fisted entering the Mirage.  He crossed LV Blvd. from another casino.  I noted the caps were off of all three beers. My theory on this is as follows:  He must be on a beer run for himself and his pals.  He's probably watching a game in the Mirage sports book.  He realized that 3 imported beers at the Mirage sports book bar would set him back over $25 plus toke, so he hoofed it over to O'Shea's or Casino Royale to save a few bucks.  Nice job MGM, have your drink prices so high, that people will leave your casino to buy three beers.

Here's a candidate for asshole of the week.  This car stops right in front of the Mirage to drop off a passenger.  The passenger takes his sweet ass time getting out of the car.  The passenger then proceeds to have a brief conversation with the driver.  Meanwhile, a 15 car back up is created right on LV Blvd at 1:00 p.m. on a Saturday.  You should have heard the honking and cussing -- especially from cabbies.


  1. I know for a fact that I often do beer runs from O'Shea's. We typically hang out in the Flamingo sports book so it's a slightly less annoying run, but we still make it.

    Although, the Flamingo is sometimes has those $2 Miller Lite deals, which is good enough.

    But Harrah's casinos typically have the worst black jack, but best drink prices. You just can't win with these guys.

  2. @Adam:

    It really is amazing that patrons have to resort to such tactics because of the blatant price gouging at these casinos. I saw a discarded receipt at the Mirage of someone who bought a Diet Coke at the sports book bar. $4.00 plus tax! -- That's for a 10z glass full of ice. Come on now.

    No wonder these casinos are half empty and are hurting so bad. People will only take so much abuse before they just go somewhere else... MGM should be ashamed -- they do this at all their properties on the LV Strip!

  3. Is MGM worried that they will draw the wrong kind of people with $1 beers? I understand that O'Shea's can get pretty rowdy, but still. I have a hard time remember the last time I bought a drink at an MGM property that wasn't an outside vendor -- like Dick's Last Resort which as the $20 all you can drink special.

    I think it might have been at Caesar's when I bought a Corona Light and a vodka tonic, and my $20 barely covered it.

    I will stick with O'Shea's and downtown, which has excellent prices. I mean, $2 for microbrews at the Main Street Station. Love it.

    Oh, and one more thing. I really love this blog. I check back often. You do great work.

  4. O'Shea's is often known as Oshxxx's, but not for its beer prices.
    >We typically hang out in the Flamingo
    But do you spend your money at the Flaming Oh?
    If not, perhaps you have some idea why casinos charge for a cup full of ice.
    >Harrah's casinos have the worst black jack,
    >but best drink prices.
    >You just can't win with these guys.
    That's the idea!! Yet people put up with it!!

    >because of the blatant price gouging
    You mean an eight dollar toothbrush at the Venetian is excessive???
    >No wonder casinos are half empty and hurting
    >so bad ...only take so much abuse.
    I used to have friends who would park in one casinos lot and blatantly stroll directly into the IP. Voting with your feet is easy in Vegas!
    >$2 for microbrews at MSS. Love it.
    Yep. And comp'd at the tables. Quality and low price. A casino owners favorite if they would only realize it, but just as they nickle and dime you with raising table minimums at the drop of a hat, they nickle and dime you with the price of a cup of ice! Ever wonder what would happen if they were simply fully staffed, had knock-out waitresses and large drink glasses? Oh yeah: that was the M Resort. It couldn't meet its loan payments.

  5. So are you saying that the failing of M Resort was because it had hot waitresses and not because of the credit crisis? Interesting take, Flea. Not sure that I am following along with that.

    The debt payment at the M Resort was way too high. All of the $8 glasses of ice in the world would not be able to save it.

  6. I am going to chime in on this one. Here's my take on the M.

    I love the M. I live 5 minutes from GVR, but the M blows the doors off of GVR. But the M is a pain for me to get to when I have to drive down St. Rose. I can be at the Strip quicker! I think the location presents some problems for locals in Henderson.

    I get all kinds of coups and free bets from Station Casinos from my blackjack play, which I appreciate. I have played blackjack at the M at least 10x since I moved to LV in June of 2009. Every time I have played at the M I have played at least two hours and spread $25 to $250. To date, I have never been sent anything for my play. No match plays, no free bets. Nothing. I know my address is correct because I get all of their stupid promotions like free six packs of beer, t-shirts, etc. Come on now...

    I hope the M survives. It's a great place. God bless the person who hires the cocktail waitresses! JH.

  7. >God bless the person who hires the cocktail waitresses!
    Amen, Brother!

    No, I don't think the M failed to meet its loan obligations because of oversized drinking cups or the like. I admire them for trying to bring back Binion's "a good bet, a good meal and a good stiff drink". They got hit by dice cheats their second night and they got hit by bad luck at their roulette wheel the first week. I know it was more the interest rate that killed them and the fact that they never geared up to survival mode of Give Comps Like Crazy! They really created a nice place but they had no clout with a bank in Scotland so they couldn't renegotiate their debt.