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Frontier Hotel 1942-2007

Frontier Hotel 1942-2007

"This is the end result of all the bright lights... and the comp trips, of all the champagne... and free hotel suites,
and all the broads and all the booze. It's all been arranged just for us to get your money.
That's the truth about Las Vegas. We're the only winners. The players don't stand a chance. "

-- Sam "Ace" Rothstein, Casino, 1995

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What is this guy thinking?

Why would anyone support or follow the Raiders?  A pathetic team, a pathetic owner, a-hole coach, terrible and outdated stadium, worst record in the NFL the past 5 years.  I could go and on. 

The majority of the Raider fans I see around LV look like they just got out of Folsom Prison.  However, this car takes the prize for a Raider fan who has lost his mind.  Why would anyone in their right mind ruin a perfectly good car with this nonsense?  Yeah, I want to drive in around in a car that represents the worst team in the NFL.  Nice.  This picture was taken on Tropicana by the airport. 

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