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Frontier Hotel 1942-2007

Frontier Hotel 1942-2007

"This is the end result of all the bright lights... and the comp trips, of all the champagne... and free hotel suites,
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That's the truth about Las Vegas. We're the only winners. The players don't stand a chance. "

-- Sam "Ace" Rothstein, Casino, 1995

Friday, July 9, 2010

Blackjack Hall of Shame -- New Inductee

Unfortunately, it is with great disappointment that I have to add another inductee to the Blackjack Hall of Shame.  To date, there are two inductees in the Hall of Shame:

This individual is being added to the Blackjack Hall of Shame not because of 6/5 ploppy games started by Harrah's and then followed by MGM, but because of his treatment and attitude toward blackjack players who actually use their brain and play blackjack correctly.  This individual owns and operates the South Point -- a hotel on the south Las Vegas Strip.  Bar none, the South Point (AKA "Sweat Point") has some of the rudest and most arrogant pit bosses in all of Las Vegas.  Blackjack players are basically treated as a nuisance and with contempt at the South Point -- unless they are ploppys losing their asses.  Please see my post on ruddest pit bosses in LV:

My friends and I were backed off at the South Point a few weeks ago.  Yes, we were counting cards -- big f-ing deal.  Yes we were spreading our bets -- from $15-$75.  After about 15 minutes in the joint we were rudely backed off and told we were no longer allowed to play blackjack.  As a card counter, getting backed off is part of the deal, fine.  Most back offs are done with courtesy.  Not at the South Point.  My friends and I were treated like crap, and for what?  Because we had a 5x bet spread?  We did not even get to black chip action and the hammer came down.  Come on now. 

It is with great displeasure that Jimmy Hoofa must now add another person to the Blackjack Hall of Shame:

Michael Gaughan (son of Jackie Gaughan)
Owner of the South Point Hotel and Casino. 

Mr. Gaughan, if you can't even handle red chip/green chip action and a 5x bet spread, maybe you need to close your blackjack pit and just fill up the area with machines.  Pathetic.


  1. Wow! This is stunning to me. Mr. Gaughan has been one of the most gambler friendly owners in town so I'm a little taken back by their treatment of 21 players. I will admit I don't play tables very much but they have treated this break-even VP player pretty well over the years, far better than I received just about anywhere else.

    I will definitely ask around more about this attitude. If it is in fact as bad as you say, the ranking I have given the casino on my own website will definitely have to be knocked down a notch or 2.

  2. @Vegascasinoinfo:

    I play VP over at SP now and then and I will agree with you that they are nice and friendly. Blackjack is totally different if you vary your bets or they think you are an AP. In my opinion, anyone who wins at blackjack over there at green chip or better gets a sweating.

    Before I wrote my post I asked Las Vegas Bear (I assume you know who he is) for his opinion on blackjack at the South Point after we got tossed from the joint:

    "You are likely done for a while. Southpoint has always been like this; they do not want action nor brain-using patrons. It is a sweatshop in the traditon of the El Cortez dump downtown.

    Southpoint is owned and operated by Michael Gaughan, the son of Jackie Gaughan, long-time owner of the El Cortez. Father and son share the same intolerance of intelligent patrons, and instruct their staffs accordingly."

  3. Take a hint from their craps pit: Half the places in town are at 5x, many are at 10x or 20x. SouthPoint offers a lousy 2x odds on their craps table.
    They want only the Red Button Pusher mentality in that place.

  4. Yeah I got that same speech and treatment from the SP pit using a similar bet spread. Young arrogant ass PB on grave waited until I was stuck to give me the boot. It's just ridiculous how paranoid these casinos are becoming sweating small time action like this.

    I also recently got backed off from the Palms spreading up to $125. A friend of my wife is a floor there and he said they are instructed to call the Eye anytime a player makes a 5x bet spread. This is the BS that is driving this town into the ground!!!

    Great blog by the way!

  5. Thanks for the compliment.

    I agree with your commentary about how absurd it is for these places to sweat such small action. These young PB's trying to make a name for themselves really annoy me too.

    In regard to the Palms -- I have never played there, but I heard a tip from a Palms "insider" that their 6 deck shoe games are hardly watched. AP's and shuffle trackers have at it.